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The Lord Is Good To Me.....Lanre Teriba


Evangelist lanre Teriba hit the limelight with the release of his first album titled ATORISRE (Reformer) in the year 2000. Instantly,the spirit filled song  changed the face of gospel music in West Africa,most especially Nigeria as virtually all the tracks in the album became national anthem. A twelve tracker album,ATORISE had such inspirational tracks like "E O Mu Solo", "Bamigberumi Baba", "Take Me To The Place", "Agbara Nla", "Sebi Oba", "Ara To Wun Jesu", "Igbanladogi Won" etc....Evangelist lanre Teriba has taken gospel music to South Africa,Ghana,Ivory Coast to mention but a few. In the next few months,he will be performing at major cities across europe with his Divine Melody & Christ Foundation Voices.

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website built and maintained by ladi jolaosho : 08023807489