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About Teriba

About Teriba
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  Evang. Lanre Teriba`s Biography


Evangelist Lanre Teriba(a.k.a Atorise) was born about three decades ago to Mr. & Mrs. Oladimeji Teriba. After his primary education and secondary education,he proceeded to Fed. Poly,Offa in Kwara State f Nigeria. In his days at the tertiary institution,he joined the Kwara Poly Chapter of the palmwine drinkars club popularly known as "KEGITES" .His Musical talents came to fore as he composed beautiful songs for his colleagues. Today, Evang. Lanre Teriba now composes divine songs for the household of the lord and the entire human race,he has five albums so far,to his credit. They are : (1) Atorise (2) Atorise Series Two (3) Atorise Remix (4) Onise Iyanu (5) Alagbawi Nla

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